Meshe’s Heart Project


Meshe Mooette is the bandleader of  “me:she”-

a group whose mission is to get you smiling,

although they’ll settle for foot-stomping, sing-along-ing

and head-bopping to their fun tunes set to a mix of bossa,

rock, folk, pop grooves.


With choir-boy harmonies and memorable lyrics, they

move seamlessly between instruments and topics-

from taking a bath to finding love again.  



BC Musicians Magazine 


“In {the} music you hear a level of sophistication that comes with training and then soul searching and rich life experiences….the sound is difficult to classify. I hear traces of jazz and folk along with quirky, theatrical elements.

BC Musicians Magazine



the musical skills to establish credibility with a more artsy crowd, and the earthiness and humor to make it more accessible to people like me who just love music. Meshe can sing anything, play anything and seduce anyone. Go ahead and give in.” – Jennifer Layton

Jennifer Layton 




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