Heaven’s Doorbell

God is not some private prize exclusive to the faithful but the inherent condition of us all God the word is a pointer God is the pointing God is the fabric of reality God contains all divisions and those divisions are made of God God is an insufferable paradox and so paradox is heaven’s doorbell



>notice< everything is already accepted >notice< without tense because no time   thoughts- words are duality itself -> they are the slicing dicing tools that create 3rd person -A so-called objective imaginary stance- in Silence Still infinite Presence that is you. The felt experience of being a “thing” a separate independant marble is contraction pain ->fear […]


What i want for you dear dear love is infinite is tender bubbles with joy is fresh alpine morning awake tweeting dawn isn’t anywhere else than here isn’t anything else than this a happy morning story with an adventurous twist- if you like that sort of thing a lullaby that echos as your own perfect […]



We share the same homeland you and i *deep unconditioned space* you are my precious self i am your precious self we are precious precisely a mathematical certainty that when you take everything away you get a whole 0 a black hole conditioned space dances where time ebbs & flows but not where we more […]

Marnie Recker Beach Art

heart crack love

heart crack love heart crack love came calling i shut the door who wants that vagrant around messing everything up? heart crack love came sneaking through the baseboards covered in grime and revulsion what the $@*#? seriously.  what the $&% love. * heart crack love came calling again- flurry-drenched in the sorrow of this world […]


O Great and Powerful Lord of Space

Practice: Yoga Asana Unification of Mind- Powertool of the Infinite’s own device: From sustained intention to practice- unification of subminds continues and physical + mental pliancy unfold   this bliss becomes the wisdom that knows itself the illuminated + illuminating intelligence that permeates space   crystallizing as this and that as my mind and your […]


Ride the Lightening

Practice: Settling the Mind in it’s Natural State   In the bleachers jaw drop awe on the field?- an EPIC Vipassana Battle!!   Who’s winning? – the ball vanishes over both left + right field simultaneously and hasn’t been seen since… poof!



DOUG dancing lights + sparkling sounds combine O magik mixing! complete with timestamp and a story- -Friend -Teacher -Most Welcome Appearance -Divine Effulgence DOUG. Cue the Trumpets of Wonder!!


String Theory

i found you in my heart -we were friends there, and lovers too… i found you were my heart – for the moment- and tears of joy arose. the light shifted and that too, was gone.



Space Prana Crystals with meaning the sparkle in your wake .. ..    …       .. .. you enrich divide create destroy   and where from?  on what divine sovereignty do you rein so?   the empty hand of space   thought that believes itself is delusion   thought that knows itself is […]

Here’s A Story

here’s a story… the truth of dependant origination unleashed a conceptual kerfuffle one dark stormy night “what then is there besides what’s now?” -its all a dream- this life this body this mind and all its inhabitants- and yet this pink gets put in wiggleswords time travels from here to <____> trustworthy is awareness’ mistress some call […]



born without name to ourselves born of ? living green grace ? a process that churns out stars and frogs lattes and little fish breathless in the ocean learning happens a new pattern a fresh creation a name me:she holding to the me as separate- as outside this living green grace – starts a pattern […]


The relative truth

The ultimate truth-call it what you will, can only be pointed to by relative words or known directly- 1st person point of view- no-face to no-face. Because the pointing outs are relative, they can only be true for some, some of the time. Becoming Whole When God wants to laugh she becomes whole Her backside […]

Marnie Recker Beach Art

Love is in the Air

It seems everywhere I turn, someone is in love.  Heart cracked open, pain and bliss in equal measure. This being so, it feels time to do a run through “The Moondrops” poems.   I’m skipping the intro poems, which can befound in the book – and here are the song links too.



Communionthere are many ways to go into union -not all are wrapped and rolling- some are still… a pregnant spacefield teeming with unborn poppies the flower of hope-of remembrance-of the end of war.