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    Maybe In November, 2011

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    Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler 2011.

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    A double CD & Book of Poetry.

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    Album co-produced with Roch Gallo in 2005.


Available on iTunes, and here at Bandcamp where you can name your own price or subscribe as a patron, which has its own special perks.


Meshe Mooette


Who's Making All That Noise?

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    Meshe loves creating. A meal, a song, a website or a practical joke- it’s all fair ground to birth something fun and beautiful.

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    Playing with John is like a big hug, like floating in an ocean or sunbathing on a huge warm boulder.

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    When she’s not playing violin, Ciera teaches children languages, and enjoys getting out into the green. Ask Ciera about growing up in Bermuda, travel, all things language and about being a twin!

#revlull pre-production rehearsal, Nov 2017.

Our good friend  Lara Kroeker came over to film one of our rehearsals.

Ciera DeSilva: Violin

Maor Phone: Cahone

John: Guitar/Vocals

Meshe: Piano/Vocals

introducing- Meshe's new Logic setup!

Song Coaching

Song Coaching

Fuzzy Studio's is Meshe's home recording and coaching studio.   You can bring your song in for development and recording in a supportive and fun environment.

InnerOre Publishing

InneRore Publishing  has a mission:

Mine with integrity and share the jewels.

Sheet music and music transcription requests can be made here.


The above playlist features Lara Kroeker's unique inquisitive songwriting and violin-looping on her song, "Silver Wings", which she recorded at Fuzzy Studios.

The 2nd track is by Hana Kamea; recorded at Fuzzy Studio's, with Meshe's piano, percussion & cello arrangement.  This track was mixed with Doug Fury.